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Rosa's Bichons

Rosa's Bichons

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Rosa's Breeding Service

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to breed quality, healthy, active, happy and mild tempered puppies.
  • We breed for quality not for quantity and all litters are planned.
  • We will provide our clients with information about puppy and parents state of health.
  • Each client will be treated with excellent customer service, respect and with dignity.
  • We try to satisfy all clients with keeping in mind that our number one priority is to find healthy, happy and loving homes for all our puppies and dogs.
  • We have the right to turn away anyone who we feel our puppies and dogs will not be a great companion for. 
  • Our goal is to accommodate the needs of both, the client and the dogs.
  • We Will Not knowingly adopt out our precious bichons to anyone with a history of abusing rather it's to an animal or another human being.
  • Our mission is to try and keep all animals, not just ours, but all animals safe from all hurt, harm and danger; animals have feelings too and they know when they are loved and when they are not.
  • To prevent any animal from turning on you treat them the way you would want to be treated.
  • Animals are more afraid of us than we are of them which makes them defend themselves against harm.

Bichon Breeders (About Us)

Female Baby Bichon

The Bichon Puppy Love Breeders:

Hi, my name is Rosa Broussard and I'm the owner of "Bichon Puppy Love "Where Bichons Are #1" in my world. My team consist of my spouse, Anthony, our two children, Chaun'cey and Chelcey and my sister-in-law, Jean.

We're reputable breeders of the Bichon Frise' canine and we love what we do. We do not mix breeds, we only breed bichons.

We are a family owned and State Licensed breeding service, lovers of Bichon Frise and registered with the (AKC). As breeders, we breed our dogs to produce healthy well nourished and socialized puppies, so that the puppies can be adopted to families making their homes more complete. As Breeders, we are loyal to the bichon breed and our clients; after the adoption has been finalized, we still keep in contact with our clients from time-to-time either by phone, email or on social media.

We started our breeding service out of our home in 2007 where all puppies and dogs are raised with lots of TLC and they interact with our family on a daily basis. However, before starting the breeding service we were well equipped and educated about the breed. Learning about their history was very educational and also exciting.

After getting to know the bichon temperament, disposition, health and their background history, we decided to let our bichons mate. Our female bichon became pregnant with her first litter of adorable pups, we wanted to keep them all. However, we knew how much love and joy a bichon can give and we wanted to share that with others so that they can experience what we felt. We advertised the puppies in the local newspaper, listed them online, and sent out emails; we immediately start getting phone calls and emails from people wanting one here and two there, all puppies were adopted in one day.


We love and take pride in our breeding service, it's a lot of work continuously, ongoing and all the time but it's worth every bit of the work when we see the joy on the faces of our clients. Bichons are beautiful, sensitive and non-sporting companions, they are perfect for people with allergies and families with small children. To adopt our puppies a person must really love animals so that they can appreciate the bichon breed with giving them a loving, caring and a forever home.

All adopters are required to take a ten questionnaire survey, sign-up on our waiting-list and sign a puppy agreement. We want to be at peace and feel comfortable with all adoptions and we want the same for our clients.

Thank you for considering "Bichon Puppy Love" when adopting your new fur-baby.

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