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Fun 4 Small Pups, LLC

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Shop "Doggy Boutique"

Fresh & Clean Minty Breath

$5.99 $8.99

Splish-n-Splash Fresh-n-Clean Minty Breath solution will leave a coll and minty taste in your pet's mouth. The natural properties of the solution will allow you to tolerate your pet's fresh breath. The dental solution is safe and effective; it freshens pet's breath, whitens teeth and reduces plaque build-up for healthier teeth and gums.

Directions: Use daily. Add one cap full of solutiontoone 8oz. bowl of your pet's drinking water.

Ingredients: Purified deionized water, stabilized chlorine dioxide, chlorophyll, sodium bicarbonate, sodium benzoate, blue 1 and yellow 5.  Size: 8oz. MADE IN USA

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