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Dog Grooming & Spa Service

Provided For Pets Who Board With Us Only



Dog grooming and spa services are provided for pets who boards with us. I've retired from full-time grooming but decided to continue this service for or boarding fur buddies.

Your pet will be accommodated according to his/her needs in a professional and friendly manner. We believe that all pets should have an enjoyable experience while being groomed.

Splish-n-Splash "Snout-to-Tail" Dog Grooming & Spa Services provides a safe, clean, sanitized and comfortable environment for pets. We use our own handmade all-natural spa quality products for their skin and hair/fur while playing soft music to help relax while being groomed.

Some pets become stressed when being groomed while others don't. For those pets we use our specialty formulated CALM DOWN Calming Spray that is made with Lavender, Vetiver, Sweet Orange and Clary Sage essential oils. The CALM DOWN Calming Spray is sprayed on pets before grooming begins to help them relax but not drugged; it is our business to see that all pets in our care have an enjoyable grooming experience that will make them want to come back.

For the safety of our staff and other dogs we cannot accept aggressive dog behavior.

Enjoy The Before & After Photos

Hours of Operation

Mon: - Fri:

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Closed: Sat: - Sun:

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Phone: 773 759-0096

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* Hair Clipping/Trimming: $20.00 and Up

* Matt Removal $10.00 and Up

* Conditioner: $6.00

* Anal Gland Extraction: $18.00

* Ear Cleaning $6.00

* Teeth Brush & Breath Freshener: $6.00

* PediPaw Nail Polishing: $8.00

* PediPaw Nail Designs: $8.00

* Pedi Paw Polish & Designs: $12.00

* PediPaw Nail Clipping/Grinding: $10.00

* Temporary Hair Coloring: $10.00 and Up

PediPaw Nail Treatment Includes:

Paw Fizzy Soaking & Massaging Paws with Grape-Seed Oil Revitalize: $8.00

Full Detailed Spa:

Special formulated shampoo/conditioner, blow dry, brush, comb-out, hair clipping, teeth brushing, breath freshener, body massage, pedipaw nail treatment, clipping, grinding, polish, ear cleaning, privates and pads.

$75.00 & up depending on size of the dog.

Regular Grooming:

Shampoo, blow dry, brush, comb-out and clipping hair, ear cleaning, privates, pads, nail clipping & grinding:

$60.00 & up depending on size of the dog.

Shampoo Only:

Basic shampoo/blow dry/brush/comb-out $40.00.

FREE Ribbons or Bandana and Cologne with any grooming service.

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