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Reputable Breeders

A reputable breeder is someone who cares for the well being of an animal and will not knowly sell sick animals or mill animals for a quick profit.

A reputable breeder will put the welfare of the animal before anything else and will make sure that the animal is taking care of while being nourished and socialized with people and other animals before adopting them out.

A reputable breeder will have love for the anmal and will make sure that the animal is properly cared for in a warm and healthy enviornment.

A reputable breeder will have a contract drawn that will be for the welfare of the animal and to protect all parties envolved; by signing the contract all parties agree to abide by the rules that are stated therein.


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Guidelines for Responsible Adopters And Pet Purchasing

Do Your Research Before Adopting An Animal. While pet sellers can be reputable individuals or breeders who treat their animals well, the ease of selling pets over the Internet also makes it attractive to careless breeders and scammers. To protect yourself you must do your own research on the pet you would like to adopt. Be careful and believe only what you see not what you’re told from a seller.

Reputable breeders are getting a bad reputation because of in-reputable breeders who's trying to make a quick buck and not thinking about the welfare of the puppies and/or the clients needs. 

When looking for a pet online it is important to meet with the breeder or seller. Since eBay Classifieds and Pet Finders are local to your community, this should be easy to arrange. Never buy a pet from someone who is unwilling to let you see how and where the animal is living!

If you're searching for a pet on eBay Classifieds, Pet Finders, or any source of internet websites here are some tips and guidelines:

Visit the pet seller’s home or place of business and see how they raise and care for their animals. If the seller is a breeder and will not make the parents of a puppy, kitten or other animal available for inspection, there may be a problem. For instance, many unethical sellers buy animals from puppy mills and similar sources but pass them off as home-raised. If you’re buying, or responding to a “free to good home” offer from an individual who is not a breeder, ask for as much information as possible about the animal’s history in terms of, age, health records, and behavior information.

  •   Get references, including other customers and the seller's veterinarian. Check them out.

  • Get all health guarantees and other promises in writing.

  • When speaking with an individual seller or breeder over the phone have notepad ready with questions.

  • Make an appointment for visitation with the animal at the seller or breeder’s home or place of business.

  • Look in surrounding area where animal is being kept. Look for cleanliness, pet toys, treats, crates, etc. If you do not see any of the above (RUN), this is not a breeder, this person may have obtained the animal from a (MILL) and is getting a percentage from the sell of the animal. Save yourself the heartbreak and money by not purchasing from stores and mills. Find a reputable breeder.

  • When you meet with an individual seller or breeder take the notepad with questions that you've previously asked and answers that you’ve received from the seller or breeder.

  • Ask the seller/breeder the same questions over to assure that they’ve given you the same answers.

  • Do your own homework on the breed of animal you’re seeking to purchase.

  • Look for resources in your local library, bookstore, pet store and or internet service.

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