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Bichon Puppy Love!

"Where Bichons Are # 1"

Please visit the, (About Bichon Frise) page before considering adopting a Bichon Frise. Then, if you still would like to adopt one of our Lil-pups, we would be glad to serve you.

Our puppies and dogs are 100% purebred "Bichon Frises".

We are an in-home breeding service, family owned and operated by Bichon Lovers.

We are licensed by the State of Illinois for doggy day care as well.

Our dogs and puppies roam freely through our home and are well socialized.

We take very good care of our puppies/dogs and we love what we do.

We ARE NOT A Puppy-Mill!!

Our Waiting List Goes By Numbers.

You will be notified by email of what number you are in-line for an adoption. At that time you can decide if you would like to wait for a puppy. If puppies are not available, you have the option of making an appointment to visit with the parents of the puppies before you decide on the adoption. If a deposit is not made at that time, we will keep you on our waiting list and notify you when a puppy becomes available. All visitations are by appointment only and are scheduled for Monday - Friday.

Our Puppies Get Adopted Very Quickly.

The reason our puppies get adopted so quickly is because our adoption fee is extremely reasonable for all that we offer with the puppies. We offer more with our puppies than the average breeder does. All puppies will be (AKC) registered to new owners, have a lifetime recovery microchip installed with "No Annual" fees, they'll be up to date with vaccines and deworming. A health certificate and a carrying crate is provided by "Bichon Puppy Love" if puppy is being shipped by air.

We also provide all clients with shot records, our vet information, an information care package and a sampler kit, which includes samples of products, a toy, puppy pads, and a few extra goodies and coupons when available. Our clients are offered a very generous "New Puppy Kit" valued at over $165.67, the cost to our new puppy parents is $105.95. The kit includes everything you'll need for your pooch from snout-to-tail including a high quality premium food, treats and a host of other goodies.

In order for us to hold a puppy for a client there is a NON-REFUNDABLE 20% deposit required, which goes toward the adoption fee.

Steps that will be followed once we receive your deposit:

You will receive a notification once the deposit has been received.

You will be contacted a.s.a.p. if there's a puppy available.

You will be contacted a.s.a.p. if there is no puppy available.

You will be contacted a.s.a.p. once we find out that the female is expecting.

When the female delivers, you will be contacted again giving the date of the delivery and the genders of the litter.

Updates on the puppies progress will be giving by email.

We like to give all of our clients plenty of time to prepare for their new puppy.

Between (5-6) weeks old, you have the option of coming to visit and choose your puppy

or you may choose him/her from the "Choose Your New Puppy" page, your option.

Once you have chosen the puppy you want, no other client will be allowed to visit with the puppy.

Do you agree to be placed on our waiting-list for a puppy?*

Are you willing to wait on the gender that you have chosen if there is none available?

If the gender that you have selected is not available, would you like to have the option of selecting another gender if there is one available?


First Name:*

Last Name:*

Phone Number:*

Email Address:*

Mailing Address:*



Zip Code*

Gender of Puppy*

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Have you ever owned any pets and if so what kind?*

Do you own any pets now and if so what kind or breed and how many pets do you have in your home?*

If adopting one of our bichons in what conditions will the dog live?*

Do you have a fenced yard?*

Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?*

How many hours a day will the dog be left alone?*

Have you researched the Bichon Frise Breed?*

In 200 words or less tell us why you've chosen this particular breed. *

In 200 words or less tell us a little about you/your family.*

How did you hear about us?*

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Thank you for contacting Bichon Puppy Love. We will get back to you within 24 hours or the next business day.

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