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Few Pointers About The

"Bichon Frise"

* They're all white however, some can have a touch of apricot, beige, buff or creme on the top of the head or ears or paws or tail or some where along the body. The Bichon Frise is the original of all bichons.

* They are loyal, loving, active, playful, happy,  and hypoallergenic. They love to be held, cuddled, talked to and love socializing with humans.

* They're children friendly and plays well with other animals.

* Their temperament is very mild and calm which makes them great for companions and families with small children.

* Bichons normally are healthy with a life expectancy of 13-16 years and sometimes even longer. For more information visit the (About Bichon Frise) page.

* We have created biographies of our "Bichons", all Bichons characteristics may vary just a bit but yet their personalities still remains the same.

* They are such a joy to have around the home. They love people and the love the reactions that people get when they see them. Bichons love to be touched, rubbed, cuddled and hugged and they also give out great kisses as well.

* They're happy, intelligent and very affectionate and can be a bit jealous of one another; if one demands your attention, the other one will demand it just as much.

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Our Bichons (BIO)

Here is a little history of our bichons BIO: They have great qualities, wonderful personalities and comes from a long list of Championship Bloodline.


Madam: Darcy:


Madam: DoryAnn:


Sir. Drizzle:

Born: June 2, 2012,

Weight: 14.25 Lbs.

Characteristics: Drizzle is slender and short, he's shy until he gets to know you. He's very playful, and he runs extremely fast; he likes Greenies, and absolutely loves bully sticks and he too loves to play with our cat and also loves playing with his toys. He loves being chased around in circles and he races with my son.

Sir. Dasher:


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