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Doggy Daycare & Boarding


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Our Mission Is To:

  • Provide and reinforce positive behavior in a professional manner to each dog that is in our care.

  • Make sure that your dog is well taking care of and enjoy their stay with us.

  • Maintain a safe, clean and sanitized facility for your pets.

  • Provide a fun environment where friendly dogs can play and socialize with other friendly dogs.

  • Help socialize puppies by introducing them to various breeds & other small pups.

  • Improve the lives of dogs and their owners.

  • Reach as many dog lovers in need of our small doggy daycare & boarding services from all areas.

  • Help increase the number of dogs adopted in the Chicago Land area by providing daycare and boarding for loving and conscientious dog owners.

F​un 4 Small Pups, LLC

Who We Are And Why Us?

Fun 4 Small Pups Provides A Happy Place For Small Breeds

This is who we are and why you should choose us!


1). We are # 1 in our field in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

2). All services are for small breeds 20lbs and under.

3). Our services are private so there's no walk-ins allowed.

4). Our furry friends gets one-on-one time with us.

5). Your furry family members are never left alone.

6). All pets are put in their own age group for a more enjoyable experience.


We are a family owned business and we truly believe that what we do will have a positive impact on our clients and their furry family members. With structure, positive reinforcement, socialization with other dogs and human contact, we believe that we can help make a difference in your pets lives. 

We offer a variety of puzzle activities for your pets to engage in while in our care. These activities will entertain your pet rather they're finding treats in puzzles, playing with tug toys, squeaky toys, balls and other toys while following basic commands. Your little furry friends will be getting plenty of daily exercise with running, playing and chasing one another and engaging in other activities in our large back yard. In a structured environment we are sure that your little furry friends will be more than happy and will be looking forward to their next visit with us.

Our specialty is to provide daycare, boarding, off-leash playtime and activities for small breeds up-to 25lbs. We've been in business since 2007 and have been providing our services in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and we've been very successful in caring for all of our client's little furry friends and their needs.

Why we've chosen to provide doggy daycare and boarding for small's because there's no other place that a small breed rather be than with dogs their own size. The doggy daycare industry is more broadening for larger breeds but will accommodate small breeds as well. There are tons of doggy daycare services, however there's only a handful of us who will specialize in accommodating small breeds only.

So, to make us stand out in the large crowd of the (Doggy Daycare Industry), we wanted to do something different as a doggy daycare provider and to do something extra special for all small breeds. To make small dogs feel safe, comfortable and secure, we came up with the idea of a (Small Breeds) Doggy Daycare & Boarding Business.

We get very excited about our little furry friends visitation with us and we can't wait to give them lots of love with one-on-one time and off-leash playtime. When your pet goes back home with you, he/she will probably be exhausted from all the fun and will be ready to take a nap leaving you with time to relax from a long day at work.

If you have small furry friends 20lbs and under and would like for them to be with other small breeds in a safe, secure, clean, sanitized and friendly place, then we would love for you to let us provide care for your precious little fur babies.

For The Safety Of Our Staff And Other Dogs,

We Do Not Accept Aggressive Dog Behavior!

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