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Magnificent 8

Magnificent 8

$122.90 Regular Price
$112.90Sale Price

The Magnificent Ten is everything you'll need to pamper your pet while finding the solution to most of their skin and coat problems, rather their skin is itchy, dry, dirty, smelly or if they have dander or a shedding coat.

(1) Oatmeal Healing Shampoo. Size: 16.5oz.

(1) Hot Spot Reliever. Size 8.0oz.

(1) Soft-n-Silky Mioisturizing Butter. Size 8.0oz .

(1) Care Free Paw Wax. Size: 2.1oz.

(1) All-In-One (After Bath Spray). Size: 4.0oz.

(1) Dog Cologne. Size: 2.0oz.

(1) Top Notch Ear Cleaner: Size 4.0oz.

(1) Cucumber Melon Facial Cleanser: Size: 5.5oz.


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